I woke up like this. . .

Did anyone else wake up feeling like this!?
Happy Hump Day! Unfortunately, Hump Day can sometimes feel like Slump Day!
We all get in that midweek slump where you feel like you've got nothing to wear and don't look good in anything you have! 
The best thing to do is go with an outfit that looks put together that makes you feel completely comfortable! To achieve this, pair a statement piece over a basic outfit with a few fun accessories! We've got that exact outfit!
Pair a fitted shirt, a long necklace, and an oversized vest together to look great and feel comfortable! The best part of this outfit is our Pink Pewter Trysten headband…These headbands are perfect for making you look like you spent for-ev-er on your hair even when you slept in!

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Linda Solley
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